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At Auto Revival, we want to ensure you have all of the information to make decisions about repairing your vehicle.  Repairs can add up, and we can help you with what repairs are needed immediately and what repairs are in the near future and long term. This way, you can be well informed as we work together to plan to complete your auto repairs.  Quality service, ASE certified Master Technicians, along with fair pricing makes Auto Revival the best bang for the buck.  Feel free to compare our rates with surrounding shops in areas such as Keller and Roanoke.  We would like to serve you with Auto Repair in Justin TX.




A/C is important here in the Texas heat!  At Auto Revival, we can help you keep cool.  If you notice your car is not cooling like it used to, we can test and evaluate if refrigerant is leaking from your vehicle, or if  A/C components are no longer functioning as expected.  We have ASE certified experience in heating and air conditioning along with the proper equipment to diagnose and repair your Air Conditioning system.   The cooling system (radiator, electric fans and/or fan clutch, condenser, etc.) is directly related to your car's A/C performance.  Tip:  It is normal for your A/C not to feel as cold on humid days since the system's performance is reduced in humid conditions. 





Cabin air filters work to contain dust from entering the vehicle's interior and also keeps the dirt and dust off of the evaporator.  If these systems are clogged, you will notice a reduction of airflow from your vents and a reduction in heating or cooling capabilities.  A clogged Cabin Air Filter may also cause the evaporator to freeze up, especially on low fan speeds. 


Engine air filtration keeps abrasive dust particles from entering your engine, prolonging the engine's lifespan.   A well maintained filtration system will keep your car performing at optimal levels resulting in maximum fuel economy and the lowest emissions possible.  We recommend checking your air filtration every other oil change.





Battery failures are the most common cause of automobile no-starts.  Replacing your vehicle's battery at the recommended intervals is key to keeping your vehicle prepared to start in all conditions.  At Auto Revival, we can check your battery to determine its remaining life span.  We recommend checking your battery on a regular basis.  If you notice that your vehicle is hard to start, or the speed at which your vehicle cranks is less than normal speed -  please come by for a diagnosis.   It may be as simple as installing a new battery!  We can replace your battery and will ensure proper disposal of your old battery.  Tip:  Most batteries fail in extreme temperatures - either hot or cold.  



Belts and hoses should be replaced on a regular maintenance schedule, and if you notice cracks, splits or bulges on your vehicles belts or hoses - you need to have them inspected right away!  You may also notice corroded hose clamps, and these should also be checked.  If you find your vehicle is leaking coolant, this could lead to engine overheating which could cause engine damage.  Power steering fluid can also leak from aged hoses causing a failure in your power steering system.  Transmission cooler lines and engine oil cooler lines are also critical hoses that can leak or rupture and leave your vehicle completely inoperable.  At Auto Revival, your auto repair shop in Justin TX, we can inspect and replace your belts and hoses and get you back on the road!  



Ensuring your brakes are in good working order is important.   If you notice your brakes are squealing, or your vehicle is not stopping like it used to, please come by for a brake safety check!  Sometimes you will notice your vehicle is pulling to one side when stopping, or the steering wheel shakes when braking at high speeds, the brake pedal sinks after stopping, there is a pulsing in the brake pedal, brake fluid appears to be leaking, or the ABS light could be on.  These are indications your brakes need checked.    Brake pads, brake shoes, drums, and rotors wear down or warp from normal use.  Over time, calipers, cylinders and hoses that are part of the brake hydraulic system also break down.  At Auto Revival, we can get your brakes back in shape!



At Auto Revival, our experienced technician will transmit information from your vehicle's computer system into our diagnostic equipment.  This will allow the technician to begin the process of diagnosing why your check-engine light is illuminated.  There may be several reasons the check engine light is on, such as engine performance issues or electrical problems.   Also, the check engine light may come on due to sensors not performing properly.  Once the problem is diagnosed, repairs can be made and the check engine light will be reset. 


Diagnosis is very important.  Sometimes the diagnostic code set will only give you the system in which the problem occurs, however the root cause can be part of another upstream system from the one that is actually failing.  There could also be wiring issues causing a false code as well as mechanical problems such as plugged ports, vacuum leaks, and/or engine integrity.  If you are a DIY mechanic, we can assist you with the proper diagnosis so you can be successful in finding the root cause and replacing the correct parts.  


Tip: Some vehicles will illuminate the amber colored 'maintenance' light or display an icon of a wrench on your dashboard.  These lights are to indicate that it is time for a scheduled maintenance service such as an oil change.


Tip: A steady amber check engine light is normally an emissions failure, and generally is not causing immediate damage to your vehicle - although a flashing check engine light indicates that damage to the emissions system is occurring at that moment - such as catalytic converter melt-down.   


Tip:  Attention - do not drive if red lights illuminate on your dash, or your gauges are indicated one extreme or the other - for instance the oil gauge is at zero or temperature gauge is at 250 or more.   If  you are driving and this occurs, please find a safe place to get off of the road as soon as you can and call a reputable wrecker service. 


Tip:  Readiness monitors are an internal interrogation of component systems by the on board computer in your vehicle.  Even though you have had your vehicle repaired and the check engine light is no longer on, it can take time and miles for these readiness monitors to reset.  The readiness monitors must be reset to pass State Inspection when emissions testing is required.  This program was created to prevent the clearing of codes followed by an immediate attempt for inspection with no repairs made.  Be aware that at times, continual extreme (hot or cold) ambient air temperatures can significantly delay the running of evaporative emission monitors as well as egr monitors.   If you are running the drive cycles during these conditions, it may add time to the readiness monitor reset - which can delay your State Inspection retest.



Do you hear grinding when shifting gears?  Do you feel the engine RPMs are higher than normal when going up hills?  Does your clutch pedal engage the clutch at the extreme top or bottom of its travel?   Have you experienced gear clash upon shifting?  Have you experienced clutch chatter and feel the car shake when the clutch pedal is released?  Do you smell a burning smell while driving or after you park?  If so,  you may need your clutch repaired.   We have ASE certified technicians that can perform original equipment clutch replacement or high performance clutch upgrades including elimination of dual mass fly wheels on your common diesel applications. 



Refreshing your cooling system with new anti-freeze can help keep your cooling system free of contamination and will maintain an improved PH level in your radiator.  Once coolant becomes old or contaminated, high acid levels can cause early wear and potential damage to parts such as the radiator.  At Auto Revival, we can work with you to extend the life of your cooling system by providing regularly scheduled maintenance.  Check your automobile owners manual for frequency of cooling system flushes.  We recommend you have your cooling system checked at least one time per year. 



Diagnostics of cars can be complicated and we use the same care and precision utilizing our experience, equipment, and automotive information systems.  We can look up pattern failures and technical service bulletins (known, documented factory fixes that are not typically covered under warranty) for all components on your vehicle - all specific to your year, make and model.   This can save a lot of time and money.


Sometimes diagnostics can be difficult for the DIY mechanic.  For example, you go and have vehicle error codes read at your local parts store.  You replace the part that the code indicates, but the same code continues to set.  This can lead to one part replaced after the other and become overwhelming!  At Auto Revival, we have the equipment and experience and latest information systems to pinpoint your vehicles problems and make the needed repairs.  If you would prefer only a diagnosis and wish to make your own repairs, we can do that too!



If your vehicle is not moving and the drive shaft is turning, or your vehicle is making a whining, howling, or grinding sound from the differential area under the vehicle, you may have a differential failure.  We can re-build your differential to O.E. specifications as well as performance upgrades such as limited slip differential, E-Lockers, Air lockers, and gear ratio changes.   Come in and let us help you with your Auto Repair in Justin TX.



Is your vehicle difficult to start?  Does it lack power?  Is your vehicle surging or bucking?  Does your car run good cold and run poorly after it has warmed up or vice versa? 

If your check engine light is on or flashing, the on board computer can reduce power to the engine and cause other systems to stop functioning, such as the A/C compressor.  This reduction in engine power by the on board computer is to signal the driver that there is a drivability problem that requires service.   If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please come by and let us find the root cause.  We have ASE certified technicians that can diagnose and restore your vehicles performance. 



Are you hearing a squeak or experiencing a vibration upon acceleration?  This could indicate a u-joint failure.  Here at Auto Revival, we can service your driveshaft universal joints, drive axles and constant velocity joints.  We also have access to suppliers that can build and balance custom drive shafts.  We are pleased to serve you here with auto repair in Justin TX.



Your vehicle contains complex electrical components with several sensors and computers.  These systems control much of your vehicle's behavior.  Some vehicle electrical problems can be straight forward and easy to correct such as a loose battery connection, or they can be complex requiring full computer diagnostics to be performed to determine the cause of no-starts or other issues such as the AC not working correctly.  


Is your battery is going dead after sitting overnight or after a day or two?  This indicates dead battery cells or a parasitic draw.  We can perform tests to pinpoint the issue.   


Do you have a fuse that routinely blows?  This indicates a potential short or high amp draw in the circuit. We have equipment that can plug directly into the fuse slot and determine the exact amp draw on the circuit and we can find the most difficult shorts using this method. 


Does your starter just click when you turn the key?  Do you have power windows, door locks, horn, or turn signals that are inoperative? 


We have the ability to service the most routine electrical failures such as battery and alternator replacement, as well as complex data bus communication failures.  Our ASE certified technicians can handle harness repairs, harness replacements, connector pig-tails, and get your vehicle communicating properly between the sensors and computers, and devices and drivers.



Emission system failures can be the one of the most complex sub-systems to repair on your vehicle.  Catalytic converter efficiency codes, oxygen sensor heater codes, oxygen sensor failure, rich/lean codes and evaporative emissions codes, i.e. leaky gas cap, failed solenoids, small leaks in the evaporative purge system are some of the most common emission system failures.


At Auto Revival, we can identify your emission problem, identify any technical service bulletins related to updated parts, and pattern failures.  After we diagnose your vehicle, we can make the proper repairs to correct these problems.


Clogged catalytic converters are common and are usually caused by an upstream failure such as an extreme rich condition (such as leaky injectors or bad O2 sensors)  or lean condition (such as a vacuum leak or bad O2 sensors) or potentially an engine oil consumption issue.     


The emission system is directly related to engine health.  For example, if your engine is using a lot of oil,  and the emissions code is set, both the engine and emissions systems could be failing. 


Tip:  Changing your engine oil on time (or early), using the right engine oil viscosity with the right additive requirements is critical in preventing variable valve timing component failure.  For example, timing chain stretch and timing chain tensioner and guide failure will set a check engine light that must be repaired for proper performance to be restored, and these repairs can be very expensive.



Engine replacements are very costly and preventative maintenance can prolong your engine's life.   We can provide engine service and repairs including timing belt replacement,  water pump replacement, ignition system repairs, distributor cap/rotor replacement, fuel pump replacement, and replacement of sensors.   We can also provide entire engine overhaul or replacement if needed. 


Your timing belt or chain should be checked and replaced as specified by your vehicles manufacture.  It is recommended to replace your timing belt at the 60,000 - 120,000 mile mark or as specified by your vehicle's manufacturer. If timing belts or chains are not replaced on schedule, they may break and cause significant engine damage. 


If you notice an oil leak, your vehicle may be demonstrating engine problems - and there could be catastrophic damage to your engine if not attended to quickly.


Tip:   Changing your engine oil on time (or early), using the right engine oil viscosity with the right additive requirements is critical in preventing variable valve timing component failure.  For example, timing chain stretch and timing chain tensioner and guide failure will set a check engine light that must be repaired for proper performance to be restored, and these repairs can be very expensive.




Your exhaust system was designed to reduce pollution and noise - however they can break down over time and should be inspected at least once per year.   Sometimes other systems can cause the exhaust system damage, or the exhaust systems can collapse inside and overheat and need replacement.  At Auto Revival, your auto repair shop in Justin TX, we can inspect your exhaust systems and replace them as needed.



If you have an extended warranty plan on your vehicle, we can do the work for you!  You can choose who performs the work on your vehicle, and we would be happy to help with repairs that fall under your extended warranty plan.  At Auto Revival we are happy to serve you in auto repair in Justin TX.



The evaporator is the air conditioning component underneath the dashboard that removes heat from the air.  Some vehicles have an access directly to the evaporator while most vehicles require removal of the dashboard and housing to access the evaporator.  There are generally two ways the evaporator will fail; it may leak refrigerant into the passenger compartment, or the fan side of the evaporator will clog with dirt and debris which will cause reduced airflow out of the A/C vents. 



Maintaining your fuel system and ensuring fuel is burning clean is a good way to maintain good fuel economy and good performance.  At Auto Revival, we can check your fuel system for efficiencies and potential problems.  Fuel injection systems should be free from debris and blockages to prevent hesitation and slow response.   Keeping your fuel burning clean will prevent other problems such as prolonging the life of your catalytic converter and exhaust systems which can be very costly. 


You may notice a decrease in the amount of heat coming from the vehicles heater vents.  This can be caused by the thermostat being stuck open, the heater core being restricted due to corrosion and debris, or the blend door motor may be malfunctioning.  We will be glad to test your system and get it back in top operating condition!  Please stop by Auto Revival, your auto repair shop in Justin TX.



Heater cores are located underneath the dashboard on most occasions - some vehicles have access panels, and some require removal of the entire dashboard and heater housing assembly.   If you notice antifreeze leaking inside the vehicle, or just smell antifreeze in or around your vehicle, or notice a haze forming on the inside of your windshield, this could be an indication that your heater core needs replacement.  We can examine your vehicle and determine if your heater core needs replacement.



Changing your oil and filter is an ordinary maintenance item for your vehicle, and ensuring this service is done regularly is important to your vehicles lifespan.  Quality oil products and filters that are specific for your vehicle are used at Auto Revival.  Low cost oil changes may not take into consideration your vehicles specific oil change needs.  Here at Auto Revival, care is taken to use the factory recommended oil and filters for your vehicle.   


Tip:  Changing your engine oil on time (or early), using the right engine oil viscosity with the right additive requirements is critical in preventing variable valve timing component failure.  For example, timing chain stretch and timing chain tensioner and guide failure will set a check engine light that must be repaired for proper performance to be restored, and these repairs can be very expensive.




If you are shopping for a used vehicle, especially one without an extended warranty included - we recommend an inspection before you buy.  Service records and car history reports may not reveal everything about your prospective vehicle.   At Auto Revival, we have the ASE certified knowledge to spot potential issues so you are aware of these items before you buy.  We can also prepare a service maintenance schedule for you so you are aware of up and coming maintenance services for your potential purchase.   We are happy to help as your auto repair shop in Justin TX.



We have access to a full line of original equipment radiators as well as aftermarket units, including upgrades to more rows and extruded aluminum units. 


If your vehicle is overheating or boiling the coolant out, we can diagnose flow and restriction problems in your radiator.  


Tip:  Properly maintaining your radiator includes making sure the PH level is kept between 7.7 and 11, and freeze point is kept near -20F.  Coolant can still look ok, but can become acidic over time and begin to corrode the radiator, pipes and gaskets, therefore keeping the fluid maintained properly will extend the life of the radiator and its components.



At Auto Revival, auto repair in Justin TX, we can perform scheduled maintenance recommended by your vehicle's manufacture.   We have all of the information to share your vehicles normal and severe use maintenance schedules for all makes and models. 



We can inspect your shocks and struts for defects when we service your vehicle.  Most defects are obvious, such as oil leaking from the housing to piston seal of the shock or strut.  Dents in the housing or bends in the rod are considered defects.  You may notice a 'mushy' feel when cornering or hitting bumps.  This is an indication that the shocks and/or struts need replaced.  Some vehicles are equipped with air assist and active handling packages, these vehicles may exhibit lowering after sitting and will sometimes raise back up during driving.   This indicates a leak in the system which needs repair.




If you are experiencing a single click when turning your key without the engine turning over, or if  there is rapid clicking when turning the key without the engine turning over, or there is no sound when turning the key and your engine does not start - your starter or starter solenoid or voltage delivered to them has likely failed.  We can diagnose and pinpoint the failure, making sure you are getting voltage from the ignition switch to the relay or solenoid.  We can test for proper battery connections to the starter and the ground, and check to see if your battery is performing to its full potential. 




We recommend tire rotation every five to six thousand miles.  During the tire rotation process, we can check tread wear pattern and tire balance to help you get the most life out of your tires.  Uneven wear can shorten the life of your tires. 


If your tires are chopped or cupped, this indicates loose ball joints and/or bad shocks or struts.  Excessive wear on the inside of the tread indicates excessive negative camber or toe out.   Excessive wear on the outside edge indicates excessive positive camber or toe in.   Excessive wear on both inner and outer edge of tread indicates low tire air pressure.




We recommend that you keep clean fluids in your drivetrain system - standards, automatics, differentials, and transfer cases.  These fluids need to be monitored on a regular basis, and we suggest checking these fluids every oil change.   


If you have taken your vehicle 'off road' in muddy conditions, or submerged the back of your vehicle in water (such as off loading your boat from a trailer) or you have recently driven through high water - you should have these fluids changed since water will get into these systems since they are all vented.


Tip:  Wheel bearings on your boat trailer and your towing vehicle need to be maintained - especially if they have been exposed to water.



We diagnose and repair both standard and automatic transmissions, and also install aftermarket exchange units.  We also do custom performance builds in house, automatic shift kits,  upgraded transmission coolers,  and salvage units. 


We can also diagnose check engine light  transmission related trouble codes set by your vehicle.  Some of the root causes can be faulty transmission control modules,  bad sensors and solenoids, wiring and harness connection failures. 


If you have a standard transmission and the gears are grinding, it is difficult to get the vehicle into gear, or if it is popping out of gear, the vehicle is making a growling or whining noise, or if one of your gears does not engage the transmission any longer, our team can restore your vehicles transmission back to proper operation.


If you have an automatic transmission and the transmission fluid is black and smells burned,  or if your vehicle takes off in second gear, or there are gears missing, or it revs up and does not pull itself your transmission has likely had a failure.  We can work to get your vehicle back shifting again like normal.  Feel free to calls us or stop by Auto Revival, your local auto repair shop in Justin TX.




At Auto Revival we offer a variety of trim work for your vehicle including power door locks, power windows, power seats, heated seats, power rear lift-gates, RKE, rear view mirrors (inside and outside), cruise control, power antenna, automatic doors, ignition switches - electrical and tumbler, dash board replacement, weather stripping, actuator blend door motors, blower motors, heater cores, evaporator cores, shift cables, and power sun roofs, and convertible top actuators.  Our ASE certified technicians are highly experienced in all of these areas.




From injector cleaning to routine maintenance, we have all of the know-how and tools to get this job done.  We recommend routine injector cleaner additives to your fuel and top engine cleaner/de-carbon.  We can check technical service bulletins and software updates to help you get maximum performance for your vehicle, along with providing an OE maintenance schedule for your next service interval to help you budget your vehicles future needs.   At Auto Revival, we are pleased to serve you with auto repair in Justin TX.

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