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Regular Scheduled Maintenance is the best way to make your vehicle last longer.   Driving conditions can be harsh here in Texas with the hot summer heat taking a toll on belts, hoses, tires and cooling systems.   I will be happy to share a maintenance schedule with you for your particular year, make and model of vehicle so you can plan ahead.   


If you are in the market for a used vehicle and would like a pre-purchase inspection, we can evaluate the vehicle for soundness and research technical service bulletins, and determine the extent of up and coming maintenance so you may make an informed decision about your purchase. 

Auto Repair in Justin TX



Changing your oil and filter is an ordinary maintenance item for your vehicle, and ensuring this service is done regularly is important to your vehicles lifespan.  Quality oil products and filters that are specific for your vehicle are used at Auto Revival.  Low cost oil changes may not take into consideration your vehicle's specific oil change needs.  Here at Auto Revival, care is taken to use the factory recommended oil and filters for your vehicle.   


Tip:  Changing your engine oil on time (or early), using the right engine oil viscosity with the right additive requirements is critical in preventing variable valve timing component failure.  For example, timing chain stretch and timing chain tensioner and guide failure will set a check engine light that must be repaired for proper performance to be restored, and these repairs can be very expensive.

      TUNE UP


From injector cleaning to routine maintenance, such as fuel filters, spark plug replacement, and air filter replacement, we have all of the know-how and tools to get this job done.


 We recommend routine injector cleaner additives to your fuel and top engine cleaner/de-carbon.


We can check technical service bulletins and software updates to help you get maximum performance for your vehicle, along with providing an OE maintenance schedule for your next service interval to help you plan and budget your vehicles future needs.  Here at Auto Revival, we are happy to serve you with auto repair in Justin TX.



Belts and hoses should be replaced on a regular maintenance schedule, and if you notice cracks, splits or bulges on your vehicles belts or hoses - you need to have them inspected right away!  You may also notice corroded hose clamps, and these should also be checked.  If you find your vehicle is leaking coolant, this could lead to engine overheating which could cause engine damage.  Power steering fluid can also leak from aged hoses causing a failure in your power steering system.  Transmission cooler lines and engine oil cooler lines are also critical hoses that can leak or rupture and leave your vehicle completely inoperable.  At Auto Revival, we can inspect and replace your belts and hoses and get you back on the road!  

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